Teslameters, Collaborators Update

The new Lake Shore teslameters are amazing instruments, but we’re not done yet. Our firmware development team will continue to add and improve software features, but we want your help. The Collaborator Program allows you to provide input and help us prioritize future development. Engage with us as often as you like, or just enjoy the free updates as features are added.

7 months agoOctober 20, 2018
While it would be an honor to be a collaborator, my background and creditials may not be what you're looking for from a collaboration.  I'm a citizen scientist, and a non credentialed experimental physicist.  My goal is to establish Expanded Scientific Data Base Stations, ESDBS for use by National geodetic survey, NASA MMS mission, Meteorological services, and seismological data.  With support from the National Science Foundation and others.
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